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Bolivian Nacional Holidays



Bolivia is the majority of Indians, whose traditions and cultures depend largely on the people of the Emma, the Chagan lover, the Guarani people and other indigenous groups, with 36 Indian groups throughout the country.

According to the 2006 Latin American and Caribbean Economic Fund Committee, the total population of Bolivia is 10 million, of which Indians accounted for 62% of the total population.

However, according to national authorities and internationally recognized experts, as well as CONAMAQ, CONSAQ, CIDOB, CSUTCB and other civil society survey and statistics show that the population of Indians has reached 90% of the total population of Bolivia.

Bolivian festivals

A) New Year (January 1)
Although Bolivia, like the Western countries in January 1 to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, but in recent years '' Emma New Year '' by more people's attention.

B) Wishing Festival Alasitas (January 24)
In many parts of Bolivia, especially the city of La Paz, on the 24th of each year, people will buy some cute little models to make the wish of the United States Yu if people want to get a big embarrassment, buy a lovely Small house model; if you want to get love, buy a little boy or little girl's doll. Alasitas is a legend of Bolivia, a dwarf, the legend that people can see him will be able to live a better life, the wish of the name and allusions come from it.

C) carnival Anata (February)
As early as before the invasion of the Spanish, Anata existed in the language of Emma, the ritual of the local people to pray for prayer, people through music, dance, cha'llas (a celebration of customs) and other activities held memorial ceremony. Anata is also regarded as the Flower Festival, in February, people, the sun, rain, wind and other natural things are happily carnival, pray for the earth mother (Pachamama) blessing.

Unfortunately, the Catholic invasion, making Anata the name in the city more and more unknown, replaced by the Spanish Carnaval.

D) Easter or Holy Week
Easter is a liturgical ritual of Christians or followers of Jesus, to commemorate the death of Jesus
And resurrection, Easter is held in April, the date will change, be designated as the national legal holiday, rest day.

E) Labor Day (May 1)
On this day, like the world, laborers take a day off.

F) Mother's Day (May 27)
Choose this date as Mother's Day is to commemorate a group of heroic women. May 27, 1812, in the War of Independence in the Americas, they played a very important role in Coronilla's anti-Spaniards aggression war in Cochabama.

If 27 is a working day, Bolivian mothers have the right to enjoy a half-day holiday.

G) Christ's Day (May or June)
The day of Christ is the memorial service of the sacrament or the body of the crucifixion of Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus, in his last supper with his apostles, warned people to eat and drink, and to represent his body. This day was designated as a national holiday, rest day.

H) New Year of the Emma or the New Year of the Bolivians (21 June)
In this very important day, a large number of Bolivians and foreigners came to the capital of the ancient Tiwanaku Empire, where there were the most important Inca empire sites in the Door of the Sun and Bolivia. 6 o'clock in the morning, visitors can enjoy the first ray of sunshine into the sun gate gorgeous scenery. This day is the date of the winter solstice, the beginning of the new year's crop sowing date. Not yet set as a holiday.